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Between Wedding Invitations and Etiquette

Good manners and etiquette is a fairly easy thing to handle. However, it becomes a little complicated if wedding invitations and wedding details are concerned.

Now what do you need to do for your wedding? It would be most advisable to let your parents and immediate family members to know about your engagement. As soon as they know about your engagement, they can easily help you plan for the big day. It would also be a great idea to inform your family about your budget or planned number of guests. This way if they plan to invite a couple of their own friends to your wedding, they know that you have a budget to follow. Do not be afraid to delete some guests in the list. This is after all your special day. You just need to muster the courage and to politely tell your family that as much as you want to invite everyone, however, you have a working budget you need to work on. Next, your wedding invitations should be finalised as soon as you have determined the final number of guests. The sooner you finalise these details, the sooner you can send out the wedding invitations; the sooner your guests can mark your big day on their calendars.

Another thing, sending out wedding invitations doesn’t mean you just want your guests for the gifts they might be bringing. More importantly, the invites mean that you wish to spend your special day with equally special and significant people in your lives.

Now on the day of your wedding, there is no need to open some gifts on the reception. It would be best if you wait for the guests to leave before you open the wedding day presents.

Data Direct Music

The music of DATA DIRECT is defined by strong contrasts and by uniting the differences in styles. They use classical and other acoustic instruments as well as electronics and computers. Tonality or atonality, fixed score or improvisation, strict definition of genre or not, selection of instruments or musicians in advance or ad hoc groups - those are extremes where DATA DIRECT is moving freely from one to another and use this means to stress the different aspects of music.
DATA DIRECT is led by a remarkably interesting and talented guitarist and composer, Borut Krzisnik (born 1961), one of the most dynamic and creative figures of Ljubljana's alternative scene. He also collaborates as a guitar player with world-famous band Laibach and Borghesia . He is joined by tenor saxophone player Mario Marolt, the driving force of funky/dance formation Miladojka Youneed, alto saxophone player Primoz Simonèiè, (leader of the jazz group Lolita), who has just published a solo album, and violinist Vuk Krakoviæ, who is the hallmark of the band 2227.

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