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Consult Your Lawyer about Child Custody

Having a family of your own is one hell of a responsibility. You need to make sure that everything is in order among your husband or wife and the children. However, 50% of all marriages have ended in divorce according to some research.

It would be great if you can keep your family intact for the rest of your life. On the other hand, you can’t please everybody. Go with the divorce if you feel that is what’s best for you and the other people involved; and with other people, I am pertaining to your partner, and especially the kids.

Your lawyer will help you with child custody issues. Obviously, custody of the child is one factor you should consider before deciding to get a divorce. One you have met with your family lawyer he will be able to advise you regarding various custodial relationships that you are entitled to have.

Legal Custody – This is the term courts and your lawyer will use when they are talking about the parent’s authority to make major decisions for his child.

Religion, medical treatments, and education are among those that the parent can decide on if he has legal custody. You can either have sole or joint legal custody with the mother or father of your child.

Physical Custody – Your lawyer will explain to you that having physical custody of your child means you have the right to have your child reside with you. It goes without saying that you are responsible for the daily needs and care your child should have. You can either have sole or joint physical custody with the mother or father of your child.

Data Direct Music

The music of DATA DIRECT is defined by strong contrasts and by uniting the differences in styles. They use classical and other acoustic instruments as well as electronics and computers. Tonality or atonality, fixed score or improvisation, strict definition of genre or not, selection of instruments or musicians in advance or ad hoc groups - those are extremes where DATA DIRECT is moving freely from one to another and use this means to stress the different aspects of music.
DATA DIRECT is led by a remarkably interesting and talented guitarist and composer, Borut Krzisnik (born 1961), one of the most dynamic and creative figures of Ljubljana's alternative scene. He also collaborates as a guitar player with world-famous band Laibach and Borghesia . He is joined by tenor saxophone player Mario Marolt, the driving force of funky/dance formation Miladojka Youneed, alto saxophone player Primoz Simonèiè, (leader of the jazz group Lolita), who has just published a solo album, and violinist Vuk Krakoviæ, who is the hallmark of the band 2227.

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