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Israel Cruz’s Freak Tonight

I was fiddling with my friend’s player and heard a song that stuck to mind. It’s called Freak Tonight, and is a single from Israel Cruz. Apparently, my “radar” missed this song. Anyway, I liked it so much I did a little research to satisfy the curiosity that I’ve been having since I heard the song.

I found out that Israel Cruz relocated to Australia when he was just a budding adolescent. Apparently, he already has two singles tucked safely under his belt. Moreover, his singles made it to the Australian singles chart. I say not bad, right? Anyway, I wouldn’t want to bore you with the biography of Israel Cruz, since you probably all know about him anyway.

Let me just talk about how I found his song, Freak Tonight. I would say that it’s pretty simple. Nothing much going on. For me, it would be the perfect tune to listen to when all you want to do is to veg out or do nothing at all. The lyrics are pretty much the same. However, I liked the tempo—not too fast, not too slow either. I confess I listen to it when I’m cleaning a room—a Herculean task you have to earbash me before I get onto it. At times, I listen to it when I can’t sleep at nights. It’s a pretty versatile song, don’t you think so?

Anyway, enough yabbering about Freak Tonight. I will, however, try to look for more songs from Israel Cruz. He’s got a unique simple style I find interesting.

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Vancouver always seems to be synonymous with quality music, however this time around, it isn’t the Canadian city we are talking about, but rather Vancouver, Washington just a stone’s throw across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. It appears that Lifesaver Laboratories’s Michael Kelsey has made quite a name for himself rather quickly with Tone Casualties snapping up his original demo cassette almost immediately and reissuing it in their usual eye-catching packaging scheme. Musically the album remains untouched from the original demo which says a lot for the artist. Crisp ambient backgrounds mesh with well with arranged percussion right alongside noisier sections of haphazardly composed selections of found sound samples. Lifesaver Laboratories feels right at home with the burgeoning Pacific Northwest experimental noise scene until you find out that the projects sole member has never rubbed elbows with the likes of Daniel Menche or Smegma. As a result this debut release seems even more impressive than I had originally estimated simply because it was created in a virtual vacuum away from the usual contemporary influences.

Former Laibach live contributor Borut Krzisnik compiles this eclectic collection of music aptly titled “Currents of Time”. Musically, the album leaps across years of classical gypsy music, eastern European folk, and modern electronic rock in a mere hour’s worth of recording time. This album is true Industrial music at its best. The release uses every conceivable musical non-sequitor at least once, alongside clanging metal, bird samples, ukeleles. You don’t just listen to this album, you experience several hundred years worth of musical tradition colliding into one large melting pot.

Lifesaver Laboratories is: Michael F. Kelsey

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Data Direct Music

The music of DATA DIRECT is defined by strong contrasts and by uniting the differences in styles. They use classical and other acoustic instruments as well as electronics and computers. Tonality or atonality, fixed score or improvisation, strict definition of genre or not, selection of instruments or musicians in advance or ad hoc groups - those are extremes where DATA DIRECT is moving freely from one to another and use this means to stress the different aspects of music.
DATA DIRECT is led by a remarkably interesting and talented guitarist and composer, Borut Krzisnik (born 1961), one of the most dynamic and creative figures of Ljubljana's alternative scene. He also collaborates as a guitar player with world-famous band Laibach and Borghesia . He is joined by tenor saxophone player Mario Marolt, the driving force of funky/dance formation Miladojka Youneed, alto saxophone player Primoz Simonèiè, (leader of the jazz group Lolita), who has just published a solo album, and violinist Vuk Krakoviæ, who is the hallmark of the band 2227.

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