Boys will be boys. They like toy cars, guns, war games, and rough play. However, studies show that playing violent games at a tender age can have an unpleasant effect on your child’s brain and development.  Moreover, it is important to supervise your children when they are playing with their toys so that they do not spend most of the day playing. If children are left unsupervised during playtime, it will eventually lead them to perform below average in school. In addition, it seems that social and communication skills may be decreased if children are left alone with their toys.

It is not easy to separate a child from his toys. However, what must be done must be done. This is where compromise comes in. You can have a light discussion with your children about how they spend their time playing. Let them know that you understand how much playtime means to them and that you will let them handle their toys, as long as they follow some guidelines.

You can start with having a time limit. Also, you can tell your kids that they can only get their boys toys if they have finished studying their lessons for the next day. In this way, your children will also learn about setting priorities.

Another thing you can try out is to purchase several educational games for the youngsters. In this way, they not only get to play, but they also learn a few things while they are playing. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?

Next, avoid “M” rated videogames for your children. This also means that you should not play such games if your child is in the area. It wouldn’t make a difference even if they are not the ones playing said videogames. Children have a tendency to copy actions they see around them. Incidentally, be careful of your actions and speech when your kids are around.

Bringing up your children should not put too much strain on you. For best results, go ahead and let your inner child come out of its shell—play with your children during their playtime. Surely, they will feel just how much you love and care for them.